Catheter Prices

What To Expect When Recycling Medical Platinum

When recylcing EP catheters, we ask that you clip the catheters to save space in your mailer package and that you sterilize the catheters as well. To recycle your EP catheters (or other platinum containing disposable medical devices) and earn cash for your hosptial, foundation, or labratory, do the following:

  • Start now by saving the electrode containing tips of the catheters by cutting them off and sterilizing them with an appropriate disinfectant and retaining them.
  • Request a free, prepaid mailer packet by: filling out our packet request form here or calling us at 1-800-955-5857. You will receive the packet in a few days.
  • When you have accumulated a convenient amount (20, 50, 100 or more) of catheter tips, drop them in the plastic bag provided and seal it. Fill out the enclosed packing list. Put these items in the prepaid mailer packet, seal and drop in any U.S. mail box. You should receive your check in about two weeks.
The prices listed on this page are examples of common platinum-bearing devices. Your shipment will be priced according to the price of platinum on the day we receive the shipment.